Cantine Isola was founded in 1896 by Giovanni Isola who appeared in the socialist journal La Battaglia by Filippo Turati, a copy of which we have on display. Even then they served wine and food. Then various vicissitudes led to different management until the Second World War when the five Isola brothers arrived in Milan (namesakes but not relatives of the first proprietor) one of which was Secondo, who had served as a cook to the King. In the '60s Giacomo (son of Secondo) and Milly Isola took over and she became one of the first sommeliers in Italy. The winery won over evermore public and producers for its frankness, preparation and retro atmosphere that pervaded the air.

In 1991 the family Sarais, took over; Gianni, Tina and Luca. Papà Gianni comes from many years of experience in the restaurant industry, Mamma Tina brings that refined breath of elegance that often only women can. Luca take courses and more courses, but the best schooling comes from behind the counter and the experience you gain meeting producers and people who manage to teach you something every day.

The sum of all this is what makes Cantine Isola today a place where you can find the most economic/thrifty and smart bottles, a daily inexpensive consumption or the most prestigious, famous, expensive, "good" bottles that any wine lover aspires to drink or store in his cellar. Our wine bar offers one of the best mescita because here we open everything, from the simplest to the most prized glasses, from Conegliano to Champagne and what Champagne!!!, from Chianti Classico to Amarone, passing through Loire, Burgundy and Bordeaux, Moselle and much more. Just ask, we'll tell you the price and uncork. The counter offers snacks made of the best ingredients to accompany your glass.

Our pride is the conviviality, the pleasure of simply drinking well at ease without preambles or frills; trying to give advice and kindness, while trying to be the best host possible.
A particular that always has great success occurs every Tuesday night when we stop the traffic of glasses for a moment of silence to read a poem. People have been stopping to listen for almost twelve years!